Can you make an Affiliate Marketing Opportunity With a Potato Gun?


Most people struggle to make money from affiliate marketing opportunities, even if they have a trusty potato gun.  Now this is not something that happens automatically, or overnight, but you can definitely make a fortune from affiliate marketing.  If you happen to have a potato gun, you can make money online with it.

Well, not with the actual potato gun, but you can make money selling ideas, and information about it.  This sounds weird, I know; however, there are people out there making money from selling information on how to build and create a potato gun.

He tests how it works, how far it shoots and materials to use for best performance etc.  He then links to various department stores through affiliate links, and also sells a product on how it works.

So how would you start your own online business? Would you sell information on how to make a potato gun, or would you maybe sell information on how to get rid of ants in your home? You can sell that too!

The way affiliate marketing works is simple. Somebody else creates a product or service and you simply drive visitors or traffic to that offer, and whenever somebody buys that product from your recommendation, you get paid. This sounds super simple, right?

Yeah, it does… But it’s not as easy as you might think. Over 99.99% of those that try affiliate marketing fail.   It is tough to do well and there is a lot of false information circling the internet about this topic.

There are a lot of “ebooks” from “experts” that doesn’t show you anything of value and they still want a lot of money to share this knowledge.  It is pretty simple, but takes a lot of trial and error as well as hard work to do affiliate marketing well.  We bring this up because we like potatoe guns and we like the idea of affiliate marketing.  Share you stories with us of how you’ve done affiliate marketing well and how those potato guns are coming along.

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