Flying Microrobots.

Epson MicroFR-IIMicrorobots that fly around in James-Bond-esque espionage style are just on the horizon. Seiko Epson Corporation announced they’ve updated their mini helicopter to be lighter and to operate without wires. It also has imaging that can transmit via Bluetooth. Imagine this extension to your smart phone. With a height of 85mm, width of 136mm and weight of 12.3grams it’ll fit neatly in your pocket, just don’t turn it on. Called the µFR-II the prototype is not for sale, and we doubt new generations will be available on the market any time soon. It’s still worth having a look at their video demonstration, which to be honest smacks of smoke and mirrors, but we all know technology companies don’t use that type of practice. If you happen to be going to Tokyo next week, you can see it at the Emerging Technology Fair from August 27 to 30.

Link from I4U.

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